Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in regards to how the I.T. infrastructure is secure? Well, this is handled by certain devices, tools, and applications that can be installed and configured. All software ever written has a possibility that it may be vulnerable to exploits. Security tools are used to protect against these exploits and other types of attacks. This site will be introducing the audience to basic elements of information security. Then we will be discussing the darkweb and its components as well as a links page for many of the available tools on the web.

You can look to see if known vulnerability’s exist for a particular device, operating system, browser, and any other piece of software or hardware by searching sites that host CVE records. CVE’s are the most widely used type of documentation that describes known vulnerabilities. Each CVE is written and thoroughly documented per each vulnerability found.

Try out the below CVE sites:


Also, a few good cyber security sites:


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A few games that I built with Java